Parole Officer Careers in Hartford, Connecticut

The governor of Connecticut in 2008 lifted the state’s ban on parole for violent felons making parole officer jobs in Hartford and across the state of Connecticut more prevalent. Most felons are still expected to fulfill 85 percent of their original sentence. The lifting of this ban increased the caseload of parolees served by Hartford parole officers. Since that time, parole officer jobs in Hartford and the rest of the state have also become more regulated, with greater amounts of training required initially and throughout a parole officer’s career.

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Hartford, Connecticut parole officers serve parolees who live within the Hartford Judicial District. Working out of the Hartford Parole Office under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Correction Parole and Community Services Division, parole officer careers in Hartford involve working with parolees who may live in any of the following locations:

• Avon
• East Windsor
• Bloomfield
• Enfield
• Canton
• Farmington
• East Granby
• Glastonbury
• East Hartford
• Granby

What it Takes to Become a Parole Officer in Hartford

Education and Experience – There are two ways to satisfy the base requirements necessary in order to apply for available Hartford, Connecticut parole officer jobs. One is to graduate from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in any of the social services fields. The other way to satisfy the requirement is to work for four years in any of the following fields:

  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Law enforcement
  • Criminal justice
  • Probation or parole

Hiring Process – If interested in applying to become a parole officer in Hartford, candidates should first search for open positions on the Connecticut Department of Correction Employment Opportunities website. If qualified, candidates will be contacted by the Human Resources Department to move further into the hiring process.

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Training and Continuing Education – As it is only possible to become a parole officer in Hartford through training, this is completed within the first year on the job. Parole officers in Hartford are required to take 400 hours, or 10 week, of training courses at the Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Hartford parole officers, just like their counterparts across the state of Connecticut, must complete 40 hours of continuing education yearly. This is required to keep parole officer in Hartford up to date with the most current and timely knowledge and skills.

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