Parole Officer Careers in Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford parole officers made news in February 2012 when a convicted embezzler from Stamford was granted parole. The convict was guilty of embezzling over $300,000 from the town of Stamford while working under a previous mayor, and had served time in prison for that crime since September 2010. He was scheduled to be paroled in February 2013. Although it is normal for convicts who commit non-violent crimes to get parole, many in the town of Stamford rejected this idea as he had embezzled money from their city.

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It is likely that, if he was granted parole, the convict in question would have reported to Stamford parole officers, who would help to integrate him back into society. Stamford parole officers help parolees in adjustments including finding housing, treatment for addiction if applicable, work, and other social services. In this way, parolees in Stamford are able to better assimilate into Stamford society without as many problems. Recidivism has also been reduced thanks to Stamford’s dedicated parole officers.

Become a Parole Officer in Stamford

Experience and Education – Parole officer careers in Stamford, Connecticut begin with the proper education or experience. Prospective parole officers in Stamford either must have a bachelor ’s degree in one of the human services fields, or must have at least four years of experience working in parole, probation, social work, rehabilitation, counseling, criminal justice or law enforcement.

Application and Hiring Process – Prospective parole officers must check the Connecticut Department of Correction Employment Opportunities website to search for and apply for open parole officer jobs in Stamford and the Waterbury area. Human Resources will contact those who they deem to be qualified and worthy of going through the hiring process.

Training – New hire candidates must complete 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) of training during their first year working. Training is held at the Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Parole officers in Stamford are mandated by law to finish 40 hours of continuing education coursework annually.

Parole Office Locations Around Stamford

Within the Stamford/Norwalk, Connecticut Judicial District lies the Waterbury Parole and Community Services Office. Working under the auspices of the Connecticut Department of Correction Parole and Community Services Division, Stamford, Connecticut parole officer jobs involve serving parolees in the towns of:

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  • Wilton
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • Weston
  • New Canaan
  • Greenwich
  • Darien

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