Probation Officer Career in Honolulu County, Hawaii

The City and County of Honolulu, formerly Oahu County, is the base of operations for the O`ahu First Judicial District. It was a First Circuit Judge from this area who originally launched the HOPE (Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement) pilot program.

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Since Honolulu County is home to approximately 70 percent of Hawaii’s population, probation officers servicing the First Judicial District may have the most challenging caseloads, serving both adult and juvenile clients who have committed criminal offenses.

Honolulu County Probation Officer Qualifying Requirements

The following are minimum standards for probation officer jobs in Honolulu County:

  • United States citizen
  • Resident of Hawaii, or become one a within 30 days of hire
  • Valid driver’s license for Hawaii driver’s license
  • No felony convictions
  • Firearm clearance
  • Candidates must possess either a bachelor or master or doctorate degree, according to the following list of educational requirements:

1)   Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, with completed classes in topics such as counseling, probation, parole, correctional administration, and abnormal psychology

2)   Bachelor’s degree in social work

3)   Bachelor’s degree with at least 12 credit hours in a social science

4)   Master’s degree in criminal justice administration, plus experience in the corrections welfare setting, as well as classes such as probation, parole, correctional administration

5)   Master’s degree in social work, plus one (1) year of professional social work experience

6)   Doctorate degree in social work, in addition to corrections coursework

7)   Doctorate degree in criminal justice administration, and having completed courses in counseling, probation, parole, correctional administration and abnormal psychology

Salaries typically range from $3,335.00 to $3,608.00 per month. Note that veteran’s preference points may apply.

Applying for a Probation Officer Job in Honolulu County

The steps to become a probation officer in Honolulu County begin with the Hawai’i State Judiciary listing of active employment openings:

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  • At the Hawai`i State Judiciary website, search for “Probation Officer” or “Social Worker III-IV (Probation Officer)” for Honolulu. All applicants are encouraged to go green in support of the Aina and apply for positions online.
  • Electronically submit the completed application.
  • Within two weeks of submitting an application, candidates must submit a copy of college transcripts, either via email, regular mail or in person. An official transcript will be required at a later date for those receiving a job offer.
  • Applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be contacted for in person interviews and notified of any additional testing required. A criminal history record check will be conducted.

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