Parole Officer Careers in Maui County, Hawaii

As of June 2012, Maui County had a parole caseload of 182, compared with 195 in Hawaii County and 44 in Kauai County.

Parole services in Maui County are provided by the Maui Parole Section, which is located in Wailuku. The Maui Parole Section, which is one of four parole sections, including Honolulu, Hawaii County, and Kauai County, is part of the Hawaii Paroling Authority, an administratively attached agency of the Department of Public Safety.

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How to Become a Parole Officer in Maui County

Parole officer careers in Maui County begin with a bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral or social sciences. Further, becoming a parole officer in Maui County requires candidates to complete formal training upon being hired, and then complete annual training on an ongoing basis.

All training is completed through the Departmental Training and Staff Development program, which is part of Training and Staff Development, which is responsible for developing all strategies and plans for curriculum, schedules, and training programs.

Hawaii Parole Statistics at a Glance

The Hawaii Paroling Authority, in FY2011-2012, had 2,204 parole consideration hearings, which resulted in 1,749 individuals considered for parole, and 736 paroles granted.

During the same period, the Paroling Authority:

  • Completed 297 parole violation hearings
  • Revoked 259 paroles
  • Discharged 435 individuals form parole
  • Gave early discharge approval to 126 parolees

Revocation/Recommitment Rates for Hawaii Parolees

The Hawaii Paroling Authority, between July 2011 and June 2012, revoked parole for 217 individuals, resulting in a 13 percent revocation rate for that period. Of the 217 revocations, 210 were technical revocations, while 7 of them were new offense revocations, meaning that parolees committed new felonies during the term of their parole.

Specialized Units for Parole Officers in Maui County

Within the Community Supervision Unit, parole officers in Maui seek jobs in one of the Department’s specialized units:

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  • Intensive Supervision Unit
  • Mental Health Unit
  • Educational and Treatment Programs: Worknet and Insight to Success
  • Sex Offender Treatment Program (in prison)- SOTP
  • Sex Offender Treatment Unit (on parole) – SOT

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