Probation Officer Career in Allen County, Indiana

Allen County has the second-largest probation department in the state, behind only Marion County, which is home to Indianapolis, the largest metropolitan area in Indiana. In total, Allen County has 3,137 offenders on felony probation and 267 offenders on misdemeanor probation. In the state of Indiana, probation officer jobs involve monitoring both juvenile and adult offenders. The probation office for Allen County is located in Ft. Wayne, which is the county’s largest city, and the second-largest city in the entire state.

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Probation officers in Allen County, Indiana do not have peace officer status, which means they are not permitted to arrest probation violators as part of their job duties. Instead, Allen County probation officers are relied upon to conduct investigations in order to supervise offenders and make sure that they are transitioning well from jail to the outside world. These investigations include interviews with offenders, regular home and work check-ups and helping offenders get counseling and other services for substance abuse, mental health and other problems that may have contributed to their criminal history.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Allen County:
Requirements and Qualifications

There are many requirements and qualifications an applicant must meet in Indiana before applying for a job as a probation officer in Allen County. The following are the most basic requirements one must meet in order to become a probation officer in Allen County:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must have probation officer certification prior to employment with the department

While it makes no difference what the major is where the bachelor’s degree is concerned, it is preferred that applicants have a degree in criminal justice, psychology, sociology, counseling, or a similar field of study. Also, applicants with a master’s degree in any field are given special consideration in the hiring process and will be paid more than other new employees with the Allen County probation department.

Receiving Certification

Being a certified probation officer is one of the main requirements. Certification can be obtained through the Indiana Judicial Center, which is located in Indianapolis. In order to receive the certificate, applicants must complete an examination which is composed of multiple choice, true/ false, definition and short answer questions, as well as a long-form essay (applicants have the choice of writing the essay based on a juvenile or adult probation situation.) Applicants must receive a score of at least 70-percent in order to move on with the rest of the hiring process.

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Training and Orientation

In order to get a probation officer job or career in Allen County, new recruits must also complete orientation and additional training. The orientation is one week and takes place in Indianapolis. The training is 12 hours of courses and is required every year of a probation officer’s career in Allen County. Through training, the officers will enhance their skills and receive higher pay as a result.

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