Parole Officer Careers in Bloomington, Indiana

Parole officers in Bloomington, Indiana, serve the Bloomington Parole District #5. In addition to Monroe County, Bloomington Parole District #5, which is one of 10 parole districts in the state overseen by the Indiana Department of Correction, encompasses the following counties:

• Bartholomew
• Lawrence
• Brown
• Orange
• Crawford
• Perry
• Harrison
• Washington
• Jackson

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Bloomington Parole District #5 has a parole staff of 14 who are currently charged with supervising the parole of 1,058 adults and 10 juveniles. There are more than 10,000 adults and juveniles under parole supervision in Indiana. As of 2012, there were 9,243 new admissions for parole and 9,132 parole releases. During this time, 638 individuals violated their parole, and 1,908 technically violated their parole.

How to Become a Parole Officer in Bloomington

Experience and Education – Candidates for parole officer jobs in Bloomington must have a work history that includes 5 years of experience in probation work, parole work, social work, criminology, or a related field. However, candidates with a degree through an accredited college or university may substitute, on a year-by-year basis, the above experience requirements to meet eligibility requirements and become a parole officer in Bloomington.

Examination – The education and/or experience requirements of all candidates are analyzed, based upon their formal employment application and scored on a pass/fail basis.

Training – Training through the Correctional Training Academy is mandatory for all new recruits and must be successfully completed to be granted permanent status with the Department of Correction.

Bloomington, Indiana Department of Corrections Parole Programs

The Indiana Parole Division supports the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) and collaborates with the IDOC, as well as several other community and law enforcement organizations and agencies, to provide programs for individuals entering parole supervision:

  • Indiana Sex Offender Management and Monitoring (INSOMM) Program

The INSOMM program is designed to bring together a number of groups, both from private and public sector, to reduce the recidivism rate among offenders who have committed sex crimes. The INSOMM Program provides specialized re-entry services to both adult and juvenile sex offenders. All individuals in the INSOMM Program return to the community through parole supervision. Services include: facility-based assessment and treatment services, specialized re-entry services, and community-based services.

  • Community Transition Program (CTP)
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Community Transition Programs (CTPs) are organized through the individual counties, which may have a number of programs based on the individualized needs of their offenders. Individuals within the CTPs cannot violate any of the CTP rules; otherwise, the IDOC may return them to incarceration. Offenders are notified when they are eligible to join a CTP. Upon completion of a CTP, participants may be discharged or released to parole or probation supervision.

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