Parole Officer Careers in Evansville, Indiana

Within the State of Indiana there are 10 parole districts, including Evansville, otherwise known as Parole District #4A. The Evansville Parole District includes 16 staff members who supervise about 7 juveniles and 725 adults at any given time.

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Evansville, which is the third largest city in Indiana, currently has a population of about 120,000, although there are more than 300,000 residents within the metropolitan area, which includes Southwest Indiana, Northwest Kentucky, and Southeast Illinois. Evansville has become known as an economic hub within this region.

The assigned counties within Evansville Parole District #4A include:

• Daviess
• Pike
• Dubois
• Posey
• Gibson
• Spencer
• Knox
• Vanderburgh
• Martin
• Warrick

The 10 parole districts in Indiana serve more than 10,000 adults and juveniles on parole supervision. The inmate population in Indiana totaled 25,887 in 2011, and new admissions for parole in 2012 totaled 9,243.

Minimum Requirements for Evansville, Indiana Parole Officer Jobs

Evansville parole officers are highly skilled professionals who must have investigative law enforcement skills, as well as the skills associated with social workers. They must also ensure that offenders complete their terms of supervision and not commit any new crimes while on supervision.

As such, the education and experience requirements for individuals who want to learn how to become parole officers in Evansville, Indiana are stringent. All candidates for parole officer jobs in Evansville must have at least 5 years of experience in criminology, parole or probation work, social work, law enforcement, or correctional counseling.

Individuals with college a education, however, may substitute their education for part of the experience requirement.

Upon completion of a formal application, candidates are analyzed and scored on their education and experience, on a pass/fail basis.

How to Become a Parole Officer in Evansville, Indiana Through Formal Training

Upon being hired by the Indiana Department of Correction as a parole officer, individuals must complete training through the Correctional Training Academy to be granted permanent status with the DOC.

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Parole officers in Evansville, Indiana, serve as the most visible representatives of the Indiana Department of Corrections. They maintain a caseload of parolees and are assigned to specific, geographical areas.

All parole officers in Indiana report to a Parole Officer Supervisor, although they generally conduct their duties with limited supervision. Parole officers in Evansville must have a thorough understanding of the laws, rules, procedures, and department policies concerning the supervision of parolees, and they often work alongside law enforcement officials, employers, local officials and families to ensure the successful completion of parole supervision.

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