Probation Officer Career in Massachusetts

The Boston-based Office of the Commissioner of Probation (OCP), which is under the direction of the Massachusetts Trial Court System, oversees superior and district court probation officers across the state. The 1,800 probation officers in 105 locations across the state are responsible for actively supervising the more than 158,000 adults and juveniles (as of FY2000) under probation in the State of Massachusetts.

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There are currently 12 superior, 62 district, 11 juvenile, and 12 family court probation departments in Massachusetts. In addition, there are 21 community correction centers throughout the state, a division of probation.

The Commissioner of Probation serves to establish standards for probation practice in the state. The OCP also provides training to probation professionals and qualifies individuals for their appointments as probation officers.

Education/Experience Requirements for Probation Officer Careers in Massachusetts

The minimum requirements set forth by the Commission of Probation include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least one year of full-time experience in the field of human or allied service, which includes areas of social welfare, criminal justice, and behavioral sciences. This may include such positions as case workers, social workers, probation officers, parole officers, human services counselor, teacher, and school counselor.

However, individuals who possess a graduate degree in management law, administration, behavioral sciences, or criminal justice may be able to qualify without the experience requirements.

Individuals interested in learning how to become probation officers in Massachusetts may obtain applications for employment at any of the Massachusetts’ courts. Applicants may also complete an online application for employment through the Massachusetts Court System’s Human Resources Department.

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Probation Officer Training in Massachusetts

Training for probation officers in Massachusetts is accomplished through the Massachusetts Probation Service Training Academy, which provides more than 75 training workshops for probation officers and probation support staff throughout the year.