Probation Officer Career in Worcester County, Massachusetts

Worcester County, Massachusetts Probation Officer jobs may be located within the Worcester County District Court Probation Department in Worcester; the Worcester County Superior Court Probation Department in Worcester; and the Worcester County Juvenile Court Probation Department in Worcester, Dudley, Fitchburg or Milford. All probation officer careers in Worcester County, Massachusetts are under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Commissioner of Probation, Massachusetts Trial Court System.

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Education and Experience Necessary to Become a Probation Officer in
Worcester County

The following educational and experiential requirements must be met by anyone who is seriously considering applying for Worcester County probation officer jobs:

  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited  university or college
  • Possession of at least one year of experience in human service disciplines

If a candidate has a graduate degree in one of the fields listed below, he or she is exempt from the experiential requirement:

  • Law
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Criminal justice

Hiring Process to Become a Probation Officer in Worcester County

Available Worcester County, Massachusetts probation jobs will be posted at the Massachusetts Court System’s Human Resources Department website. Interested parties must apply online. If the human resources department favorably reviews an application, that candidate will be contacted to set up an interview and complete further testing for the position of probation officer in Worcester County.  As of May 2013, there is no civil service test for probation officers in Massachusetts, but this is subject to change as the probation hiring system is being reviewed.

Training for Probation Officers in Worcester County

All Worcester County, Massachusetts probation officers must take training at the Massachusetts Probation Service Training Academy in Clinton.  Basic training and orientation consists of classes and coursework in searches and seizures, basic first aid/CPR, the GPS bracelet Electronic Monitoring Program (ELMO), managing and interviewing skills.

Continuing Education for Probation Officers in Worcester County

Every three years, probation officers in Worcester County, Massachusetts must complete at least one in-service training.

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Worcester County Probation Officer Jobs

Worcester County probation officer jobs were in the news in 2010, as the county’s probation department tried something new. Probation officers in Worcester County checked on sex offenders on probation staying at homeless shelters throughout the county just prior to Halloween to confirm that they did not have any contact with children age 16 and younger. They also contacted sex offenders who were on their probation caseloads to tell them not to open the door to trick-or-treaters, as this would be considered a violation of probation terms. The GPS ELMO bracelet system also helped probation officers in Worcester County to monitor sex offenders during this time.

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