Probation Officer Career in Essex County, Massachusetts

Probation officer careers in Essex County, Massachusetts serve under the guidance of the Office of the Commissioner of Probation, Massachusetts Trial Court System. Essex County, Massachusetts probation officer jobs may be located in the Essex Probate and Family Court Probation Department in Salem or Lawrence; the Essex Juvenile Court Probation Department in Lawrence, Salem, Lynn, or Newburyport; the Essex Superior Court Probation Department in Salem or Lawrence; or the Salem District Court (otherwise known as the First District Court of Essex County).

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Education and Experience Necessary to Become a Probation Officer in
Essex County

College students and others who are interested in Essex County probation officer jobs should complete bachelor’s degree requirements, and then get at least a year of human services experience under their belts. For those who already have a graduate degree in management, administration, criminal justice, law or education, experience is not required in order to  apply to become a probation officer in Essex County.

Hiring Process to Become a Probation Officer in Essex County

When a probation officer job in Essex County, Massachusetts is open, it will be advertised on the Massachusetts Court System’s Human Resources Department website. Applications must be completed online. The Human Resources Department will contact individuals who meet the qualifications for the position to continue in the interview and hiring process.

Training for Probation Officers in Essex County

The Massachusetts Probation Service Training Academy in Clinton provides basic orientation and training for all Essex County probation officers.  Courses usage of the GPS bracelet Electronic Monitoring Program (ELMO), searching and seizure skills, basic first aid and CPR, and interviewing and management skills.

Continuing Education for Probation Officers in Essex County

Essex County probation officers must take one in service training every three years. This is subject to change as of May 2013, as the probation employment system in Massachusetts is being reviewed.

Essex County Probation Officer Jobs

A May 2013 edition of the Newburyport News listed violations were common for those who either were on probation or ordered to probation in Essex County, Massachusetts. Those in Essex County probation officer jobs would most likely be dealing with probationers convicted of the following crimes:

  • Class A drug possession
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol- second offense
  • Negligent driving
  • Domestic assault and battery
  • Driving after license suspension
  • Unlicensed driving
  • Possession of a firearm without FID card
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  • Improper storage of firearms
  • Resisting arrest
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Witness intimidation
  • Violation of firearm surrender order
  • Uttering false prescription
  • Assault
  • Destruction of property

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