Probation Officer Career in Bellevue, Nebraska

Probation services in Bellevue, Nebraska, are provided by the 2nd Judicial District Court of Nebraska, which includes Sarpy County and the cities within the county, including Gretna, La Vista, Papillion, and Springfield.

Sarpy County is the smallest county in Nebraska, yet has the third largest population. As of the 2010 Census, Sarpy County was home to nearly 159,000 residents, as well as the Offutt Air Force Base.

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Probation services within the 2nd Judicial District are found at the following locations:

  • Probation office: Papillion
  • Reporting center: Bellevue
  • Probation office: Nebraska City
  • Reporting center: Nebraska City
  • Juvenile unit: Papillion
  • Problem solving court: Papillion
  • Probation office: Plattsmouth

How to Attain Bellevue, Nebraska – NE Probation Officer Jobs

Individuals interested in pursuing Bellevue, Nebraska, probation officer jobs must first earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a social science, or a related field, and they must possess at least one year of experience working in a program related to probation or serving the welfare of others. Further, all candidates for Bellevue probation officer jobs must be under the age of 37 and must be in good, physical condition.

Training Requirements for Bellevue, Nebraska, Probation Officers

Individuals interested in learning how to become a probation officer in Bellevue through training must understand the training required for all new probation officers, which include 120 hours of initial training within their first six months of employment and an additional 35 hours of training in substance abuse.

Some of the programs and topics covered during a probation officer’s initial training in Bellevue include:

  • Structure of the courts and the probation system
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Offender classification
  • Suicide prevention
  • Operational policies and procedures
  • Violence issues, including domestic violence
  • Duties and responsibilities

Ongoing, annual training for probation officer jobs in Bellevue totals 24 hours, 8 hours of which must be in officer safety.

Community-Based Supervision in Bellevue, Nebraska

In addition to an extensive probation network, the State of Nebraska employs a specialized probation program called Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision, or SSAS. Through SSAS, felony drug offenders with substance abuse problems are monitored through intensive probation case management and engaged in substance abuse treatment in the community.

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SSAS, which is an alternative to incarceration, is designed to reduce recidivism rates and relapse rates and help offenders better transition back into the community. The SSAS program provides offenders with substance abuse treatment, case management, field supervision, cognitive behavioral programming, and the use of reporting centers.

There are 5 SSAS sites in the state, including Sarpy County and the city of Bellevue.

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