Probation Officer Career in Lincoln, Nebraska

Probation services in Lincoln, Nebraska, are provided by the 3rd Judicial Court of Nebraska. The Third Judicial Court has jurisdiction over the more than 280,000 residents of Lancaster County which, in addition to Lincoln, also serves the cities/townships of Hickman, Waverly, Denton, and Bennett.

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The probation system in Nebraska consists of 15 probation districts, 6 ISP regions, and 32 satellite offices.

Within the 3rd Judicial District, District 3A Probation provides pre-service services and juvenile services to Douglas County’s county and district courts.

The probation offices and reporting centers of District 3A are located in:

  • Presentence office: Lincoln
  • Reporting center: Lincoln
  • Supervision unit: Lincoln
  • Juvenile probation office: Lincoln
  • Problem-solving court: Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska – NE Probation Officer Jobs: Minimum Education
and Experience Requirements

Individuals interested in pursuing Lincoln, Nebraska, probation officer jobs should first earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the social sciences or in a criminal justice field. Further, they should obtain at least one year of experience working for the welfare of others to qualify for probation officer jobs in Lincoln, Nebraska.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Lincoln through Training

Probation officer careers in Lincoln, Nebraska, include a great deal of training. For example, all new probation officers must complete at least 120 hours of training within 6 months of being hired. They must also complete 35 additional hours of substance abuse training within a residential treatment facility or non-residential treatment facility during their initial training period.

Classroom instruction during the initial training period may include everything from violence and domestic violence training to the structure of Nebraska’s courts and the probation system throughout the state.

Because the safety of probation officers in Lincoln, Nebraska is always a concern, probation officers must complete at least 24 hours of annual training, which must include at least 8 hours of officer safety training.

Office of Probation Administration’s Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision

The Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision (SSAS) program, a collaborative program between the Office of Probation Administration and the Community Corrections Council, is a treatment program for individuals on probation. SSAS targets felony drug offenders with a history of substance abuse. Substances abuse treatment, along with intensive case management by probation officers, is designed to accomplish a number of goals, which include: reducing recidivism and relapse rates; improving education and making individuals more employable; and encouraging reintegration back into the community.

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Individuals in SSAS have access to substance abuse treatment; cognitive behavioral programming; the use of reporting centers; and case management and field supervision. There are currently 5 SSAS sites throughout the state, including Lancaster County, which is home to the City of Lincoln.

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