Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Sarpy County, Nebraska

Sarpy County is the third largest juvenile service provider in Nebraska, as well as the third most populous county in the state. Sarpy County is part of the larger 2nd judicial district in the state of Nebraska, which includes the cities of Papillion, Bellevue, Nebraska City and Plattsmouth. In total, there is one juvenile probation office, located in Papillion, which monitors the juvenile probation progress of dozens of youth offenders each year.

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Juvenile Probation Duties in Sarpy County, Nebraska

Juvenile probation officers are not considered peace officers and are not permitted to carry firearms while on duty. Yet, officers are authorized to make arrests of juvenile offenders, as long as those being arrested are currently under the supervision of the arresting officer. Officers are required to conduct investigations and interviews with juvenile offenders in order to assess risks and ensure that progress is made while the youth is serving their sentence. Officers are also required to counsel youth, perform case management and make referrals to rehabilitative services and other community service providers as needed.

Education Requirement

When applying for a juvenile probation officer job in Sarpy County, applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, as recognized by the state of Nebraska. The degree must be in the behavioral sciences. Subjects include psychology, sociology, criminology, criminal justice and counseling, among many others.

In some cases, relevant and related work experience can be substituted for the education requirement, so long as it is more than one year of experience. Those with one year or less of related work experience will be given special preference during the initial hiring process.

Training Requirements for Juvenile Probation Officer Recruits

Upon being hired by the Sarpy County juvenile probation department, new employees are required to complete 160 hours of training at an academy located in the state. The training develops the skills needed to perform the basic duties of youth probation, which includes:

  • Communication skills
  • Arrest procedures
  • Investigation techniques
  • Medical and first aid training
  • Community development
  • Departmental procedures
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After the first year of employment in Sarpy County, juvenile probation officers are then required to complete an additional 16 hours of training at the academy. The additional training is aimed at improving upon the skills learned during the initial training and while on duty during the first year. The additional training after the first year may also include updates on new policies and procedures that may have changed in the juvenile justice system after being hired on by the department.

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