Parole Officer Careers in Kearney, Nebraska

Parole officers in Kearney, Nebraska, provide supervision to parolees through the Kearney Regional Parole Office and the Kearney Day Reporting Center. The Kearney Parole Office is one of 10 located throughout the state, all of which are overseen by the Nebraska Parole Administration and the Nebraska Parole Board. The Nebraska Parole Administration works with the Nebraska Department of Corrections to provide seamless supervision and rehabilitation services to inmates released on parole.

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There are currently 41 parole officers throughout the state of Nebraska, all of whom are tasked with supervising and monitoring the more than 1,100 parolees in the state, ensuring that each parolee is successfully discharged from parole supervision to become a responsible member of society.

How to Become a Parole Officer in Kearney, Nebraska

Individuals who want to pursue Kearney-based parole officer jobs must either possess at least 5 years of experience working with offenders or a combination of experience and education.

Individuals may qualify for parole officer careers in Kearney if they possess:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the behavioral or social sciences or criminal justice and at least 1 year of experience working with offenders
  • An associate’s degree in the above areas and at least 3 years of experience working with offenders
  • College credits (or training through career development courses) equal to at least 1 year of college education and at least 4 years working with offenders.

All candidates must also be prepared to successfully pass a physical fitness assessment before becoming parole officers, which includes climbing stairs, timed walking, and lifting, pulling, and pushing weights. All candidates for parole officer jobs in Kearney must also undergo a medical exam, background investigation, and a drug screen.

Kearney, Nebraska Parole Officer Training

Training is an important component to parole officer careers in Kearney, Nebraska. Individuals who want to learn how to become a parole officer through training must be prepared to complete 102 hours of pre-service training through the Staff Training Academy in Lincoln. Thereafter, parole officers must complete annual, in-service training through the Academy, as well. Parole officers in pre-service training can expect to complete training in a number of areas, including report writing, diversity and inclusion, life support/first aid, and emergency preparedness, among others.

Nebraska Parole Administration Public Safety Efforts

Parole officers in Nebraska may be called upon to work alongside community organizations and local law enforcement to provide a number of services, both to parolees and to their victims. Programs overseen by the Department of Corrections and/or the Parole Administration include:

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  • Project Impact – A program for youth violence offenders and known gang members under probation or parole supervision
  • Supervision of Lifetime Sex Offenders – A partnership between the Nebraska State Patrol and the Parole Administration
  • Specialized Substance Abuse Services program – A partnership between the Parole Administration and the Probation Administration
  • Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) – Notification for victims of crimes committed by inmates released on parole
  • Victim Assistance Program – A program for staff members who were victimized while conducting department business

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