Probation Officer Career in Omaha, Nebraska

Probation in Omaha, Nebraska, is under the jurisdiction of the 4th Judicial District Court of Nebraska. The 4th Judicial District Court, which is the largest judicial district in Nebraska, serves all of Douglas County in eastern Nebraska, which has a population of more than 480,000 residents.

Within the 4th Judicial District, District 4A Probation provides all pre-sentence services to the county and district courts of Douglas County, which also includes the Juvenile Court.

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Minimum Requirements for Probation Officer Careers in Omaha, Nebraska

Individuals interested in pursuing probation officer careers in Omaha, Nebraska, must possess a four-year degree from an accredited college or university in a program related to the social sciences or criminal justice. They must also have at least one year of experience working in a position that includes working “for the welfare of others.”

All individuals must be under the age of 37 and must be in good, physical health. Individuals seeking probation officer jobs in Omaha, Nebraska should also expect to undergo a thorough background investigation.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Omaha through Training

All probation officers in Omaha, Nebraska, are expected to participate in both initial and ongoing training.

Initial training includes 120 hours of instruction within the first six months of employment, as well as 35 additional hours of substance abuse training at a residential or non-residential treatment agency. Some of the areas of training during the initial training period include: operational policies and procedures; the structure of the courts and the probation system; offender classification; officer safety; substance abuse; suicide prevention; violence issues, including domestic violence; case supervision strategies; duties and responsibilities; and community services.

Ongoing training for probation officer careers in Omaha include 24 hours of annual training, 8 hours of which must be devoted to officer training safety.

Omaha, Nebraska – NE Probation Officer Jobs

Probation services in Omaha, Nebraska, are divided into three divisions: traditional probation, intensive supervision probation (ISP), and juvenile intake.

The three divisions are found throughout the state’s 15 probation districts and 6 ISP regions. Each probation district has a principal office, as well as 32 statewide satellite offices, and all probation districts are managed by a chief probation officer, a case manager(s), a juvenile intake officer(s),  and a number of probation officers.

Specialized Program Programs in Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska’s Office of Probation Administration, along with the Community Corrections Council, provides Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision, also known as SSAS. This structured treatment program, which is an alternative to incarceration, is targeted at felony drug offenders who have substance abuse problems. The Office of Probation Administration has developed risk assessment tools as to select only the most appropriate candidates for SSAS.

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The Office of Probation Administration found that recidivism rates are reduced when substance abuse treatment in the community, along with intensive case management, is provided by probation officers.

There are 5 SSAS sites throughout Nebraska and 5 reporting centers. Individuals in Douglas, Otoe, Dodge, Lancaster, Dawson and Buffalo counties may participate in this program.

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