Parole Officer Careers in Nebraska

By a recent count there were 41 parole officers employed in the State of Nebraska, responsible for 1,116 parolees. Parole officers play a vital role in the rehabilitation of offenders back into normal life as responsible and productive members of society. In the same year, 718 offenders were successfully removed from the parole list. Nationwide, parole officer jobs are projected to increase 18 percent over the next decade. The current average parole officer earns $37,780 per year.

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Parole Officer Jobs in Nebraska: Education and Training Requirements

Candidates seeking careers as parole officers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject area, including psychology, criminal justice, and social work. As a substitution for this education requirement, candidates may also qualify for parole officer jobs by having a high school diploma and five years of correctional experience.

Requirements – In addition to the education or experience requirement, candidates hoping to begin careers as parole officers in Nebraska must also meet the following conditions:

  • Be able to legally work in the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Be of good moral character
  • Have no felony or domestic violence convictions

Candidates must also be willing to follow through on the job requirements of their position. Duties in parole officer jobs include:

  • Assist and supervise the parolee on how to become a responsible member of society
  • Monitor parolee’s travels, employment, residence, and financial obligations
  • Monitor parolee’s drug and alcohol abuse
  • Ensure special conditions of an offender’s parole are not violated
  • Ensure parolee’s obligatory sessions are met:
    • Mental health counseling
    • Substance abuse counseling
    • Sex offender counseling
  • Administer and evaluate urinalysis drug and alcohol tests
  • Monitor high-risk offenders with GPS

How to Apply – The process of how to become a parole officer in Nebraska begins with an application. This can be completed online by searching the Nebraska State Jobs Career Center online for open parole officer positions. If none are currently available, applicants must wait to fill out an application, though it is possible to fill out a job notification card that will alert applicants when there is a vacancy. When candidates do fill out an application, they will hear back from the human resources office about whether or not their application was successful. Is so, candidates will receive further instructions about a date for an interview and other details.

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Training – All new hires will be required to complete 160 hours of training in their first year. Depending on the level of experience, new hires may also be required to complete an additional 40 hours of training. If a candidate already has corrections experience, no additional training may be required. After the first year, annual training obligations are 40 hours per year, ensuring that all parole officers stay up to date with the latest advances and findings in their field.

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