Probation and Parole Agent Careers in Wisconsin

Probation and parole officers go by the name probation and patrol “agents” in Wisconsin, and are part of the Department of Corrections Division of Community Corrections. Probation and parole agent careers in Wisconsin entail supervising over 68,000 probationers and parolees in the state.

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Wisconsin is divided into eight regions, each of which has its own probation and parole office. Each region is responsible for probationers and parolees in certain counties. The regions are headquartered in:

  • Madison (south central part of Wisconsin)
  • Sturtevant (south east Wisconsin)
  • Glendale (Milwaukee County)
  • Neenah (northeastern Wisconsin)
  • Chippewa Falls (northwestern Wisconsin)
  • Rhinelander (northern Wisconsin)
  • Waukesha (eastern Wisconsin)
  • Wautoma (southwestern Wisconsin)

In addition to their traditional roles of supervising offenders in the community, individuals holding Wisconsin probation and parole agent jobs aid the courts through investigative services, work with the Parole Commission, and work with the Division of Adult Institutions. They may also be responsible for the supervision of juveniles and adults released from mental health facilities.

Education and Experience Required to Become a Probation and Parole Agent
in Wisconsin

All probation and parole agent candidates in Wisconsin must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record (which will be verified). While it is not a minimum requirement, well-qualified candidates looking at how become probation and parole agents in Wisconsin are expected to have a bachelor’s degree or 60 college credits and two years of work experience in a professional social work setting. Bilingual skills are also a plus.

Applying to Become a Probation and Parole Agent in Wisconsin

Applications for those who wish to become a probation and parole agent in Wisconsin are accepted online at the State of Wisconsin Government Employment site. If a candidate is selected, he or she will complete an online examination for the position. Those who pass this exam and whose credentials are verified may be invited to the next scheduled Probation and Parole Agent Assessment Center in Madison to proceed with interviewing and the next steps in the hiring process for probation and parole agent careers in Wisconsin. Criminal background checks and fingerprinting are performed on all new hires before they begin work.

Training for Probation and Parole Agents in Wisconsin

Those who accept Wisconsin probation and parole agent jobs will complete six weeks of classroom training at the Corrections Training Center in Madison. Training in Native American culture is provided to allow probation and parole agents in Wisconsin to effectively help with Native American offenders’ re-entry into the community.  There will also be four weeks of on-the-job training provided. The first year of employment for a probation and parole agent job is considered to be probationary status.

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In order to maintain their jobs, eight hours of Principle of Subject Control training is mandatory for probation and parole agents in Wisconsin each year.

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