Probation Officer Career in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Both the federal government and the state of Wisconsin have probation offices in Green Bay.

Federal probation officers supervise offenders on probation who have violated federal laws, while those employed by the state oversee offenders who have broken the laws of the state and have been placed on probation.

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An important part of the jobs of both federal and state probation officers is assessing the level of risk that their client poses to the community.  Part of their initial assessment is determining what specialized services that the offender could benefit from.  Probation officers advise the court to recommend such services as job training, substance treatment, or counseling for mental health problems.

Probation officers in Green Bay monitor their clients to make sure that they are following their probation conditions, such as avoiding drugs and alcohol, and attending their work or training requirements.

The five employees of the Green Bay Division of the Federal Probation Office’s Eastern District are located in the office at South Madison Street.

State probation officers are employed with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Division of Community Corrections.  The local office in Green Bay is on N. Packerland Drive.

How to Become a Probation Officer in Green Bay

Basic Requirements – Applicants for federal probation officer jobs in Green Bay must be younger than 37 when they are appointed.  People with previous federal law enforcement experience can be older than that, depending on their number of years of service.  Requirements include having good vision without correction and being able to hear well.

Training – Federal probation officers receive their training at the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Training Academy.  This six-week program takes place in Charleston at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

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Degree Requirements – Those seeking careers with the Department of Corrections can apply if they have a bachelor’s or greater degree in a field such as criminal justice, social work, or counseling.  Work experience in such areas can qualify an individual to apply for jobs as probation officers in Green Bay.  For instance, two years of professional work experience in combination with having 60 credits of college in an appropriate field enables a person to apply for such positions.

Part of the hiring process for the Department of Corrections involves being fingerprinted and having a criminal background check performed.  The state provides training to new employees, so they learn how to become probation officers in Wisconsin.  Yearly training in the Principle of Subject Control is required for those with careers as probation officers in the state.

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