Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Brown County, Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Brown County reported a total of 11 new commitments to the Wisconsin Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC), in 2009. Brown County, along with 21 other counties in Wisconsin, is contracted with the DJC to provide aftercare, corrections, and community-based services to Wisconsin’s youth.

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The Division of Juvenile Corrections, which is part of the Department of Corrections, has two regional offices and eight, local offices in the state. The DJC provides a number of juvenile delinquent services to the counties of Wisconsin, including a Corrective Sanctions program and a Serious Juvenile Offender program. The Corrective Sanctions program includes GPS and electronic monitoring services.

Employment Requirements in Brown County

Individuals seeking juvenile probation officer jobs in Green Bay must possess a bachelor’s degree in one of the human services fields, along with at least one year of experience working with juveniles in a teaching, care, or guidance setting. All candidates looking to become juvenile probation officers  in Green Bay and throughout Brown County must also possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license and a good driving record.

The Division of Juvenile Corrections, along with the Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Association, provides training for all new probation officers through a three-day basic juvenile court intake training program. Probation officer training includes 18 hours of classroom training and a 2-day web-based training program that totals 12 hours. An exam culminates the training program, and all new probation officers must pass the exam to receive certification and continue with their probation officer careers.

Brown County Juvenile Justice Programs

Brown County Probation has a number of programs in place for delinquent juveniles:

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  • Cognitive Skills Program (Adult/juvenile)
  • Community Work Service (CWS)
  • Intensive Juvenile Supervision Program – Designed for high-risk juvenile offenders and/or repeat juvenile offenders
  • Juvenile Treatment Court – Designed to address mental health issues
  • Teen Court – Designed for non-violent petty juvenile offenders for a first or second offense
  • Victim Offender Mediation