Probation Officer Career in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison has probation officers that supervise offenders who have committed federal offenses and for those who have been found guilty of crimes at the state level.  The Madison office that oversees the Western District of Wisconsin Federal Probations handles federal offenses.

Local probation cases fall under the purview of the Division of Community Corrections of Wisconsin’s Department of Corrections, which is divided into eight regions.  Madison is the headquarters for Region 1 of this division—the region for South East Wisconsin.

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Function of Probation Officers in Madison

Both state and federal probation officers oversee offenders who have been placed on probation.  These officers conduct an initial investigation into the status of the offender.  They estimate what risk the person poses to the community and determines what services the person could benefit from.

The courts rely on these assessments when offenders are sentenced.  The role of probation officers in Madison is to supervise these individuals, help them obtain social services that may need, and ensure that they are following the dictates of their sentences.

Probation officer jobs involve working closely with the social service agencies in Madison.  They can help offenders get substance abuse treatment, counseling for domestic violence or mental health problems, and job training.

Requirements and Training to Become a Probation Officer in Madison

Those seeking careers as federal probation officers in Madison must have excellent vision and hearing.  Applicants must be younger than 37 at the time of appointment.  This requirement can be adjusted to allow those older who have federal law enforcement experience to be able to apply for federal probation jobs.

Individuals that have been selected to be federal probation officers undergo six weeks of training at the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Training Academy in Charleston.  This academy is part of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

The requirements to become a probation officer for the state include either having at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent amount of work experience.  This must be in a field such as counseling, political science, social work, or criminal justice.  A combination of education and experience will qualify a prospective officer to apply to the Department of Corrections.

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Part of becoming a probation officer for the state of Wisconsin involves undergoing a criminal background check and being fingerprinted.  New employees learn how to become probation officers in Madison through training that is mandated by the state.  Established probation officers are required to have eight hours of training a year in the Principle of Subject Control.

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