Juvenile Probation Officer Careers in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

The DJC provides Milwaukee County with the Serious Juvenile Offender program and the Corrective Sanctions program, an intensive supervision program with both electronic monitoring and GPS. In 2009 there 212 new commitments from Milwaukee County, which represented 48.5 percent of all new commitments to the Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC).

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Juvenile probation services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are provided through two, regional offices and eight, local offices that are part of the DJC.

In 2009, the DJC contracted with 22 counties to provide aftercare services to youths in Wisconsin, including Milwaukee County.

How to Become a Juvenile Probation Officer in Milwaukee

Individuals interested in pursuing juvenile probation officer jobs in Milwaukee must possess a bachelor’s degree in one of the human services field and one year of professionally supervised experience teaching or providing guidance or care for adolescent youth. Experience working with juveniles suffering with emotional, social, or educational problems is preferred.

Candidates must also possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license and have a good driving record.

All new juvenile probation officers must complete basic juvenile court intake worker training. The Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Association organizes training for juvenile probation officers.

The Juvenile Justice System in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Juveniles on probation are supervised by juvenile probation officers in the Clerk of Circuit Court, Children’s Division. The Court has jurisdiction over all delinquency matters for youths under the age of 17. The Court provides the following programs and services:

Diversion and Pre-Adjudication

  • First-Time Juvenile Offender Program – Community education program, monitoring services, and community service
  • In-Home Monitoring Program – Intensive, in-home program for delinquent youth
  • Shelter Care Program – Care in state-licensed facilities
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  • Group Home and Foster Care
  • Probation Services Network – County-coordinated network of community-based agencies
  • Sex Offender Treatment Program
  • Alternative School Program (Day Treatment)
  • Targeted Monitoring Program (Firearms Offenders)

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